Matthew Robles

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2016 Lexus IS200T F-Sport

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Images by @dapperdonmedia 

Vehicle History & Modifications

I was in the market for a new car while I was in the U.S. Army and I had seen these newer Lexus with the new grill and instantly fell in love with how aggressive they looked and just knew I had to get one of my own. 

  • Airlift 3P management w/ Airlift Air Struts 

  • GMR SF-8 

  • Godspeed Camber Arm

  • Megan Racing Toe Arm 

Matthew's Story:

Cars were always apart of my life growing up so it was just a matter of when I was old enough to build my own.


My father had a low-rider when I was growing up, my grandfather was building a 1952 Chevy Pick-up, and my brother at one point had a 2013 Subaru WRX which rocketed my passion into what it is today. He would take me to car meets with his friends every week and even on cruise nights. 


Growing up and seeing how nice my brother’s Subaru was made me want to jump into the scene as soon as I possibly could. 

For me, it was a way of bonding and letting loose.

Stance has allowed me to express myself while having fun. 


Josh Foley

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2014 Subaru BRZ

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TikTok: @s.lowbrz

Vehicle History & Modifications

My BRZ (Bria) and I have been through a lot over the years. I bought her with 83,000 miles in 2017. I bought her for $11,400 with a bad throwout bearing. The next week I dropped my first RWD on jack stands.


About 4 months later I hit a black hog on a backroad. Destroyed my entire front end and set off my drivers side airbag. From there I repaired the my front end swapped out the steering wheel and the shot seat belts for a harness and a quick release. I had money saved up to go boosted but since my car needed a lot of cosmetic work I decided to go so stance. I got the car wrapped in the atomic teal by 3M which is the color it still is.


Ever since then I added little pieces that made my car a little more unique from others. Added pieces of my personality to her. She’s far from being finished but she’s still my baby.

Josh's Story:

In high school I worked for a grocery store where I made some good friends. My friends were always talking about cars, engines, etc. when I got my first car a 1992 Buick Roadmaster. I gave in on it. I started researching more about cars. Watching videos and reading forums so I could keep up with my friends conversations. But I ended blowing the head gasket on her and I had no idea then how to repair her. So I ended up scrapping her (my biggest regret to this day) to pay for my next car.


Then after that car I had a 2007 Scion TC. I got a carbon fibre hood for her(that’s when I fell in love with the carbon look), wheels, coil-overs. But being a dumb kid still I blew the engine and sent a rod through the oil pan.


I swapped my first motor in that car and learned quickly cars don’t run on pixie dust. Just nuts and bolts. But after I got her back on the road I grew out of her quickly and ended up buying my current car, the BRZ. I then sold her to my little brother and my story with my BRZ began.


Behn Ferguson

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2000 Volkswagen Jetta MK4

Instagram: @behnnn

Vehicle History & Modifications


  • Mk6 “rline” wheel swap

  • OEM deck upgrade

  • OEM City trim swap

  • OEM City cluster

  • OEM City vents

  • GLI trim and headliner swap

  • TT pedals

  • GLI door pins

  • OEM Climatronic Unit

  • Auto headlight Mk5 switch

  • Short shifter B&M

  • Wolfsburg seat swap

  • Grey interior custom door cards

  • Auto dimming mirror

  • Custom silver upper vents

  • Custom trunk set up with hardwood and polished tank with hidden accessories

  • OEM rear sun shade

  • Hidden v2 controller

  • Recoloured climatronic unit to match radio


  • OEM City side markers all around (red in colour)

  • OEM City golf mirror swap with relocated signal

  • OEM City rear end swap

  • OEM city tow hook

  • OEM GLI full body kit

  • OEM GLI exhaust tip

  • Custom retrofit headlights with projectors

  • Partially wrapped windshield, colour matched

  • Shaved fenders

  • Front bumper filled

  • OEM Reiger rear window spoiler

  • Custom front and rear splitters

  • Mk7 key fob conversion

Engine + Brakes

  • BFI stage 2 mounts

  • Unitronic Stage 2 tune

  • Custom exhaust to high flow muffler

  • GLI chrome tip

  • Short ram intake

  • Ported intake manifold

  • Coolant ball relocate

  • Power steering relocate

  • Windshield washer delete

  • Battery relocate

  • Abs delete

  • Custom brake res

  • OEM MK3 brake master cylinder

  • OEM MK3 brake booster

  • OEM MK3 prop valve in rear

  • Custom brake hardlines

  • OEM front GLI brakes

  • OEM rear r32 brakes

Suspension + Wheels

  • IDF tie rods

  • IDF subframe

  • IDF control arms

  • IDF drop plates

  • custom camber and toe shims

  • Airlift performance suspension

  • Koni yellow rear shocks

  • Solid bushings

  • Swoops custom camber plates

  • R32 sway bar with custom mk5 links and links

  • OEM MK2 Audi TT ball joints

  • Avant Garde Wheels 18x9 and 18x10

  • Nitto neogens tires, 205/40 and 215/40

Behn's Story:

I love cars, I love modifying and doing things that aren’t always on pace with the mainstream.


I have a huge passion for Volkswagen’s, but it wasn’t always like that. It all started in high-school when I saw my best friends GLI for the first time. After being in it all the time and driving constantly in it, I knew I had to get one of my own. I didn’t have a clue about cars, let alone how to maintain or fix one. Being in school, I was never able to afford much of the repairs.


Luckily for me, my friend loved to work on cars and was super knowledgeable. Over the years he taught me everything he could, and I have since grown with my abilities to work confidently on my own vehicle. My passion for the vehicle drove me to consume knowledge and actually hold onto it. I’ve got so into the car industry I actually have a service job working in the automotive sector.


My passion for cars and the aftermarket community is huge, and it’s all thanks to my best friend for sucking me into such an expensive hobby!

~ A tribute to Jon Hoseman 


Bobby Bettger

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2011 BMW 335XI

Instagram: @n55_335xi

Vehicle History & Modifications

  •      Arm motorsports charge pipe

  •      Arm motorsports 7” intercooler 

  •      Muffler delete

  •      Xdelete ( makes car rwd instead of awd)

  •      Xhp stage 3 transmission tune

  •      Mhd stage 2 tune 

  •      Airlift 3p 

  •      Maxed rear adjustable camber arms and maxed front camber 

  •      Custom trunk setup with hardlines and suede - self complete!

  •      Custom suede interior trim

  •      Custom airlift 3p controller mount in place of one of my vents ( mounted myself )

  •      1visionperformance air scoops custom powder coated to match wheels

  •      Heritage ebisu directional wheels custom powder coated 

  •      Csl carbon fiber trunk

  •      Led headlights and fog lights

Bobby's Story:

My name is Bobby, I’m 33 from Boston. My love for cars started when I was young. Me and my step dad used to work on his vehicles ( 1986 Chevy k10 and a 1983 Chevy Camaro) when I was younger and that got me the itch lol. He was clearly about the muscle cars and as I was growing up the import scene was starting ( start of fast and the furious) and I liked muscle cars but the imports just did something else for me I’ve had a 79 280ZX, an RB20 swapped s13, 2000 maxima ( slammed).


Well fast forward, I had a decent job wanted something more luxurious but also somewhat powerful and went on the search for cars and found my 335xi lci with iDrive and fell in love. Once I had the car I got introduced to @massbmw was going to a lot of their meets and I just wanted to be different then every BMW I saw. First mod was BCRacing extreme low coils then shortly after decided it didn’t go low enough for me so I got bags.


I knew I wanted to install them myself and also wanted to build a custom trunk setup, never done something like this before so I took my time but I think it turned out amazing. Then I did more research after my bags and wanted to go fender to lip to stick out amongst the BMW world, took lots of research and measuring and ordered my heritage wheels and was kind of afraid if they would fit or not lol. But I’d say I did a pretty good job lol.

My car isn’t done yet or even close, it’s really just the start. I have a lot of plans still and can’t wait. 


Alyissa Amodeo

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Instagram: @xxava_tcxx

Vehicle History & Modifications

  • Cosmis S1 white wheels with neochrome Sickspeed spiked lug nuts. 

  • NIA auto design side splitters and eyelids. 

  • BC Racing Coil-overs. 

  • Splitting edge design front splitter with neochrome splitter rods. 

  • Sickspeed horns in neochrome. 

  • King Fibre rear diffuser. 

  • Greddy Evo3 exhaust. 

  • Neochrome weapnR intake. (Only) 

  • Custom galaxy donut interior. 

Alyissa's Story:

I’ve had the car for almost 4 years now! Everything about this car and what has been done to it is basically my personality! I love everything about it.

I started getting into cars when I was about 14-15 years old due to a previous partner.


As I got older, I started to love them more and more. My first car wasn’t anything exciting- a Dodge Neon to be exact! It got me from point A-B; but I knew I wanted something I could express my personal tastes more!


After the neon I was able to get a 2004 Infiniti G35 sedan. I wasn’t in possession too long; making the switch to my current Scion tC.


Even though it’s slow, I love making it look awesome! I am far from finished with this ever lasting project!


Kobayashi Masaya

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2012 Nissan Fairlady Z 370Z

Instagram: @zzui0556

Twitter: @zzui556

Vehicle History & Modifications

  • Body color: All paint on Aurora Flare Blue Pearl

  • Veilside wide body kit

  • Veilside rear spoiler

  • Veilside one-off variable valve muffler

  • WORK MEISTER L1(F10+11 R11-53)

  • Airforce Air Suspension 

Kobayashi's Story:

My name is Kobayashi- born in the late ’90s! Born and raised in Fuji, Shizuoka- living closely to the famous mountain of Mount Fuji. 


Previously owning a Nissan Skyline ER34, the mindset towards this build was to hit the tracks and circuits. After an accident- my decision towards continuing to run the track was of uncertainty! 


The track-lifestyle will always be apart of me- but upon seeing the 2012 Nissan Fairlady Z 370z; I decided to build something different for a more practical, everyday use. I’ve always been inspired by content from various car-pages around the world, mainly stance. 


When I was on the skyline, I was thinking about the circuit, I stopped running after an accident, and I was drawn to the fascinating car.

Knowing the existence of StanceNation, watching various cars

The reason for this was that I also wanted to make such a car.


Will Keetch

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1992 Mazda Miata

Instagram: @kill.weetch

Vehicle History & Modifications

  • Pandem Rocketbunny Kit 

  • Work Carving Bolsters 

  • Static - custom arms all the way around 

  • OEM Hardtop / Roadster Deck Cover 

  • Scrappin’ Miata custom diffuser 

  • Shaved + tucked bay 

Will's Story:

Hey what’s up my names Will I’m from Owensound Ontario and I own two MK1 Miatas. I was brought up surrounded by cars, every second of everyday was all about cars. I hated it so much, I had absolutely zero interest in anything to do with mechanics.


Until I saw my best friend modifying his CTS-V, while I was rolling around in my soccer mom van. I eventually sold the van for a 2006 Subaru Legacy GT which I immediately started modifying. From that moment on cars took over my life and I am forever thankful.


Whether it be doing an oil change on my sisters car, or helping my buddies throw the third motor this year in his WRX, or figuring out how the heck I’m going to fit these huge wheels on my little car, nothing will ever be as much an escape for me as cars. I love Miatas, stance cars, creativity, and I love the whole Strict Standards family and our shared passion! 


Brendin Wright

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2004 BMW 330CI 6 Speed Manual

Instagram: @e46.ray