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Do you spend countless hours adjusting, fixing and perfecting your build or project? 


Surround yourself with other like-minded individuals on a global scale. 


We are looking for energetic, positive spirited individuals who have a passion for anything automotive!


Those who attend shows, events- or an overall activist in the community will have higher chances to be accepted. 


All accepted members will receive a complimentary welcome package! 


Welcome packages include the following merchandise:

  • x1 Box Slap Sticker (8x3”) of your choice. 

  • x1 Original Black T-Shirt in your size.

  • x1 9” Logo Vinyl Diecut

  • x1 24” White Windshield banner.


Team banners are specifically white; only accepted members will have access to these items and will not be available on our shop. Those with a white banner have been officially accepted by an SS representative! 


You will also receive a discount code for future orders to be the first to rock new merchandise drops! 


Members will have their own section / page on our website; showcasing their build as well as social accounts. 


More will come available to members as we further progress as not just a brand- but a supportive community. 


Get on board, be the first not to follow the greatest automotive movement currently- but to lead! 


Looking forward to seeing all applications.


Please fill out the form below to help us collect information about your build! 


Please note- any submitted images on your behalf grants SS permission to alter or edit the image for promotional footage.

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